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Ambar Reddekopp

President, Investment Advisor Representative

Ambar is a seasoned financial advisor with over two decades in the industry. Armed with a wealth of experience, she navigates the intricacies of financial planning, investment management, debt and savings plans, and retirement strategies with finesse. Throughout her career, Ambar has been instrumental in guiding numerous individuals and families towards the realization of their financial aspirations, fostering enduring wealth along the way.

Central to Ambar’s philosophy is a profound belief in the transformative potential of education. She dedicates herself to empowering her clients with a deep understanding of their financial situation, equipping them with the insights and tools necessary for making well-informed decisions. Recognizing the distinctive nature of each client’s financial journey, Ambar collaborates closely with them, crafting individualized financial plans that match their long-term objectives and dreams.

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Carlos Hernandez

Financial Services Specialist

Carlos, a respected U.S. Air Force veteran, has spent 25 years as a leader in the medical industry. His firsthand experiences have instilled in him a deep understanding of the necessity to protect individuals and families from unforeseen circumstances. Passionate about forging enduring connections with his clients, Carlos invests time and energy into building lasting relationships. His relentless pursuit of professional growth reflects his commitment to expanding his impact within the communities he serves.

Larry Williams

Financial Services Professional

Larry Williams is a dedicated financial services professional with a unique background in the restaurant industry. He’s driven by a passion for helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. With his diverse skill set, Larry brings a fresh perspective to the world of finance.

Having successfully transitioned from the restaurant industry to insurance, Larry understands the importance of effective money management and strategic planning. Drawing on his experience in budget management, financial analysis, and customer service, Larry has a keen understanding of the financial challenges faced by both individuals and businesses.

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Chad M. Phyle

Financial Services Professional

From a young age, Chad has focused on personal relationships in both his home and professional lives, prioritizing them over career advancement or professional titles. His journey into a financial management career began unexpectedly through a conversation with a friend in the industry. The encounter sparked his realization that he could not only help his own family, but also develop the ability to help individuals and families achieve financial goals and leave a lasting impact on future generations. So, he pivoted in his career and has forged a path with honesty, hard work, and integrity. His greatest achievements are the number of families helped and supporting his local communities.

He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and daughter. They love to travel and focus their vacations on learning about and experiencing other cultures instead of price and affordability (something he regularly teaches his clients how to do in their own financial lives).

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Angelina Locricchio

Director of Operations

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in Operations Direction, Angelina brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her approach is solution-oriented, allowing her to efficiently oversee diverse facets of business operations. Holding a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, she embodies discipline and strategy, leveraging these qualities to set and achieve goals alongside a dedicated team.

As a certified Taekwondo instructor, Angelina takes great pride in fostering meaningful connections and offering unwavering support to individuals on their personal journeys. Beyond her professional pursuits, she wholeheartedly immerses herself in nerd culture, actively engaging in local and national trivia competitions. Known as the go-to person for any inquiry, whether it’s about kyber crystals in Star Wars or local business recommendations, Angelina is dedicated to serving as a reliable reference and supporting others in their endeavors.

Her commitment to exceptional customer services extends beyond the norm, reflecting her unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations at every turn.

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